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About ScreeNFT

Introducing ScreeNFT: Revolutionising Documentation with Blockchain Technology

In the digital age, proving the authenticity of a document or image can be arduous, particularly when it comes to using them in significant contexts such as legal matters or for public verification. This is where ScreeNFT comes into play, merging the simplicity of taking a screenshot with the robust, unalterable proof of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

What sets ScreeNFT apart?

Traditional screenshots are mere digital files, easily created and just as easily disputed. They lack inherent mechanisms to prove their veracity or originality, making them unreliable in situations where authenticity is critical.

Enter ScreeNFT. It's not just a digital file; it's a certified, verifiable record of a moment. By converting a screenshot into an NFT, ScreenNFT embeds it with an indelible proof of authenticity. This digital certificate is stored permanently within the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) and the distributed Ethereum blockchain. This ensures that the file, alongside its metadata, is preserved indefinitely and tamper-proof.

Why ScreeNFT?

For everyday use, sharing screenshots via email or social networks is straightforward. Your reputation may suffice as proof within your personal network. However, in situations demanding credibility and verification—especially in front of third parties or for public disclosure—the authenticity of a traditional screenshot is challenging to establish. Typically, proving such authenticity requires extensive, costly digital forensic analysis and a plethora of documentation.

ScreeNFT transforms this dynamic. Our service ensures the screenshot is generated through verified, secure means. Hosted on our Azure server, all you need to do is provide the URL of the webpage you wish to capture. Employing standardized software, we guarantee a reliable, reproducible capture process. Each screenshot's details, including the timestamp and URL, are permanently recorded on the blockchain as an NFT.

Once minted, the screenshot transcends its original form. It becomes a one-of-a-kind asset, identifiable through unique tags in both the IPFS and Ethereum blockchain. Like any NFT, it becomes an asset you can own, trade, or even irreversibly delete if you choose (if you are the owner).

ScreeNFT is more than just a service; it's an innovation in digital documentation, providing assurance, authenticity, and ownership in a world where digital proof is paramount. Whether for legal proof, content verification, or preserving a digital legacy, ScreeNFT ensures your screenshots are captured and kept with the utmost integrity and reliability. ScreeNFT - The Everlasting Anchor in Digital Tides

Use Cases

Legal Legerity with screenNFT

Solidify your digital interactions as indisputable evidence. From capturing terminal information for travel disputes to immortalizing threatening messages for legal proceedings, screenNFT ensures your screenshots are credible, tamper-proof digital records suitable for any legal context.

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Famous Quotes and Events

Chronicle the pivotal moments and words that shape our world. Be it a viral celebrity tweet or a groundbreaking news announcement, screenNFT turns these fleeting digital snippets into permanent, verifiable historical records, securing their place in digital history.

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Digital Dossier with screenNFT

In the realm of digital reputation, every post and statement counts. Whether you're aiming to bolster a positive image or provide evidence of misconduct, screenNFT is your tool for capturing and preserving digital interactions. Build a credible archive of testimonials, social media posts, or public comments to enhance or challenge online reputations, serving as a cornerstone for personal, professional, or institutional reputation management strategies.

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